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Major Breaches Continue While Data Industry Hesitates

Posted by High Risk Holdings Contact on Nov 7, 2017 10:00:00 AM
The Equifax Data Breach is, unfortunately, not the last large-scale security breach we'll be seeing in the years to come.
"They keep delaying it, and hope they won’t get hit,” international fraud syndicate Signifyd's CFO stated in a recent interview, comparing the industry's response to fraud as little more than a "flu shot." With the flu, however, "you don’t lose personal data for millions of individuals; you don’t lose your job and your team’s jobs and you don’t put your company and your career back 10 years."
Thankfully, Signyfyd's dire pronouncement does not mean that businesses must simply accept fraud as an ordinary occurrence. While the bulk of online business service providers continue to hesitate in the face of unprecedented fraud, a handful of technologically aggressive companies have prioritized rapid response plans and modernized data security methods. High Risk Holdings, for example, offers a robust suite of fraud prevention tools, transaction screening, and global risk management solutions for online business transactions. While marketed towards traditionally high-risk enterprises, HRH also provides cutting-edge security for any business re-evaluating the merits of traditional payment processors.  
As cybersecurity breaches continue to become an increasingly common headline, businesses owe it to their stakeholders to analyze the quality of risk prevention services currently in use. To find out more about how fraud can be prevented, instead of simply mitigated, contact High Risk Holdings.

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